Woodbury University Holds High School Academy During Summer

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Woodbury University offers college credit to high school students entering their junior or senior years during their High School Academy. Located in Burbank and San Diego, the summer program allows high school students the opportunity to explore Woodbury’s various disciplines.

Classes run from June 13 – July 15, 2016. Courses with fewer than 10 students enrolled by Friday, May 27 will be cancelled. Registration fee, which includes parking, is $250.  Make checks payable to “Woodbury University.”  Go here to register.

* This fee does NOT include the cost of supplies. Each course has different needs and therefore different associated expenses. ESTIMATED supply costs are as follows:

Offered for either 2- or 3-units, Summer 2016 courses include:

Animation: Introduction to Animation
Architecture: Design Lab: Introduction to Architecture
Communication: Public Speaking
Design Foundation: Drawing Fundamentals & Beyond
Fashion Design: Introduction to Fashion Design
Filmmaking: Introduction to Production
Game Art & Design: Introduction to Game Design
Graphic Design: Introduction to Photoshop
Professional Writing: Writing by Imitations: An Introduction to Professional Writing
Psychology: Introduction to Psychology



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