Donate Jeans and Win $5,000 Scholarship

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teens for jeansHere’s a great scholarship from! Not only will your student win money for school, but they’ll help other kids in the process.

As parents, we know jeans are a wardrobe staple for our teens. According to Do Something, over one million teens experience homelessness a year in the US. Their number one request for items needed? Jeans.

If your teens runs a gently-used jeans drive in their school or community, they can donate them to a local shelter and directly provide an essential clothing item for youth in need.

By participating, students will receive a free digital kit including flyers and posters to get the word out. They will also be able to compete for a chance to win up to a $3K grant for their school or college and an individual $5K scholarship.

The top three collecting schools will each win a grant (1st place – $3,000, 2nd place – $2,000, and the 3rd place – $1,000). Grants can be used in anyway the school decides and in addition, all three collecting schools will receive an extra $500 to throw a party.

Deadline to collect the jeans is February 29, 2016.

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