3 Ways to Make Extra Money

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Use These Three Sites to Make Extra Money

extra moneyI originally posted this on my site SibyllaNash.com but this also works well for college students who need to make some extra cash. So read on. 

Nothing kills creativity faster than a stack of unpaid bills…am I right?

Until you’ve made it, sometimes you have to do anything and everything just to make it to the end of the month. The “starving artist” description doesn’t lie in many cases.

Whether you extra funds to subsidize creative life or just want to make extra money for a killer pair of heels or vacation…you can do that too, here are three ways to make extra money online and off. And no, I’m not including Etsy or starting a blog on this list. If you’re not the crafty type and you don’t have a cabal of sewing elves in your basement, yeah…Etsy’s not going to work for you. Here are three, for real, for real, non-scammy ways to make some money today. You won’t get rich over night, (or ever really) from these, but you will get paid.

  1. Online English Teacher – Cambly.com                          It’s pretty straightforward, you speak with students all over the world to help them learn conversational English. You get paid ($.17/minute) every other Friday via Paypal once you’ve reached a $20 threshold. You’ll need a fast internet connection, quiet place to work and headset or ear buds are definitely recommended. Students range from kids to adults. All new students get a free trial and they don’t think a live person will answer and when you do, sometimes they hang up. Other students want to learn it for work advancement, I’ve spoken to a jurist, a person who works in a lounge at a hotel in Russia, a budding restaurateur just to name a few… From a writer’s point of view, it’s fascinating being able to peek in lives in other countries. Best part? You choose your own hours.
  2. On-Demand Odd Jobs – Wonolo.com                            Think of this as an online temp agency with no interviews. You’ll need a smart phone, as this is the only way to access the app and get notifications of available jobs. Most of the jobs I’ve seen in the Los Angeles area have been for those food samplers that you see in Whole Foods. They pay any where between $75 to $125 for 6 to 8 hours of work. What happens is that you will get a notification on your phone about a job in your area – it’s supposed to be location based, but I get notified on jobs in El Monte which is a haul from where I live. You can accept it or ignore it, but the jobs go quickly. I’ve only accepted one job and that was downloading an app to my phone for 10 days. Easy money. There’s not a huge selection to choose from just yet.I’ll get a notification every few days. I’m sure the jobs offered vary from city to city as they roll out the app. Worth signing up because they are still growing. If you decide to sign, please mention name on the sign-up form and I will get a referral fee. You will get my eternal thanks. :)
  3. Mystery Shopper – Jancyn.com Do you know any mystery shoppers? Me neither but I always hear this offered up as a way to make extra money and every time I investigate, it’s nothing but a scam. It’s like whatever happens in the store, stays in the store. You don’t talk about mystery shopping. Ever. Well, Jancyn is the real deal. They have a variety of opportunities to go to different stores and do a “shop.” Sometimes it will be for cleanliness, sizing on the racks, customer service of the staff, etc. It’s not a lot of pay – between $13 to $30 a shop but the time commitment is low. You log in and browse the available shops, sign up and complete it per the directions. I did a mystery shop at an apartment complex. Got to use my acting skills as I pretended to look for an apartment for my niece. I’ll take that Oscar now, thank you very much!

If you have any additional ways you’ve found to make extra money online, leave them in the comments.

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