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What to do with Leftover College Plan Savings Cash

A graduating student has "HI" written on their cap at a service before the 365th Commencement Exercises at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, U.S. May 26, 2016.  REUTERS/Brian Snyder

By Amy Haimerl DETROIT (Reuters) – Melissa Byers and Rich Rauh began stashing away money in 529 college savings accounts for their sons not long after they were born. When their older son graduated from the University of California, San Diego, a public university, he still had money available in his account. But their younger son, who elected to go to Chapman University, a private and much costlier school, needed more than what was in his 529. So the couple, who live in Lake Forest, California, took advantage of the flexibility they initially admired in 529 plans: They simply changed…



Are You Saving Too Much for your Kids’ College?

A graduate from New York University sits in the stands of Yankee Stadium, while wearing a mortarboard with a message on it, during a commencement ceremony in the Bronx borough of New York on May 21, 2014. REUTERS/Carlo Allegri

By Chris Taylor NEW YORK (Reuters) – Parents these days are expected to pull off a financial Mission: Impossible. Cover the monthly bills, pay down debts, help elderly parents, save for retirement and for kids’ college costs, all with incomes that may have been flat for years. Facing such a…

Massive Breach Exposes Hundreds of New SAT Questions

Thousands of tables are seen inside a hall at Asia-World Expo near Hong Kong Airport in Hong Kong, China October 2, 2015, one day before SAT examinations to be taken place. REUTERS/Bobby Yip

By Renee Dudley BOSTON (Reuters) – Shortly after David Coleman took over as CEO in 2012, the College Board began redesigning its signature product, the SAT college entrance exam. The testing company also hired a consultancy to identify the risks associated with the monumental undertaking. Among the red flags that…

Texas Allows Guns in Under College Classrooms Under New Law

A student walks at the University of Texas campus in Austin, Texas, U.S. on June 23, 2016.  REUTERS/Jon Herskovitz/File Photo

By Jon Herskovitz AUSTIN, Texas (Reuters) – A new law went into effect in Texas on Monday that allows certain students to bring guns into classrooms, with supporters saying it could prevent mass shootings and critics saying the measure will endanger safety on campuses. The so-called state “campus carry” law…

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