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3 Tools to Make Study Time More Productive


In today’s technology filled world, there are three million and one distractions to keep students from the task at hand. Netflix anyone?  For most students, creating a distraction-free environment to study is a challenge but imperative. They can’t make the dean’s list with one eye on Snapchat, that’s for sure! Rest assured, your student can get more done, but it’s not always easy to get there. Thanks to the amazing technology we have available to us today, there are a plenty of tools out there that can help make their study time more effective. Here are 3 of our favorite productivity tools to help…



Servicing Issues May Hamper US Student Loan Forgiveness for Thousands

FILE PHOTO - A graduate's mortar board hat is pictured during a commencement for Medgar Evers College in the Brooklyn borough of New York City, New York, U.S. June 8, 2017.   REUTERS/Carlo Allegri

By Lisa Lambert WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Nurses, teachers and other public-sector workers expecting their outstanding student loans to soon disappear under a U.S. debt-forgiveness program could be in for a surprise, with a government report on Thursday showing loan servicers may have mishandled the process for many borrowers. President Donald…

Irregular Sleep Tied to Worse Grades

irregular sleep

By Marilynn Larkin (Reuters Health) – College students who go to sleep and wake up at different times during the week may be harming their academic performance, according to a U.S. study. Consistency – going to bed and waking up at about the same time every day, weekends included –…

Harvard Rescinds 10 Acceptances Over Obscene Posts

BOSTON (Reuters) – Harvard University has revoked its acceptance of at least 10 applicants to its incoming freshman class after learning the group traded sexually explicit and sometimes racist images in a private online message group, the student newspaper reported. A university spokeswoman declined on Monday to comment on Sunday’s…

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